Update your Instagram Profile!

Today, as I scroll though my Instagram account, profile after profile I see the same mistake made over and over again.

The one flaw in Instagram is the inability to share links. Only business accounts selling physical products are able to place links in a post and link to a shop/store.

One thing I did notice is a lot of profiles use LINKTREE. It is great IF you don’t have a website BUT if you do and you are running a special and have an amazing optin how will you control the traffic? Remember how short the consumer’s attention span is? Also, keep in mind you are adding in an additional step for your ideal customer to reach your website. LINKTREE not sounds so good now huh?

It is my suggestion you create a page on your website and call it IG/Instagram/My socials or something like that and place that link your Instagram Profile. As you can see on my business website I kind of laid my page out similar to a LINKTREE profile but the traffic lands on my website instead of growing LinkTree’s traffic I grow my own. So suppose you have a million followers and your top 1% click your link that’s a lot of traffic and the best place for it is your own website!

Below you will see my own website with my IG page.

What updates can you think of that will also drive traffic from your socials to your website? Remember your website is YOUR website and you email list belongs to YOU! Keep that in mind when sharing it all on your socials.


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